February 17, 2022

Things about Cleansing that are not true

All of us ladies have a certain skin routine we follow and because we want to have beautiful skin you might find yourself reading up about the best practices for your skin routine. However, there are a few myths that are completely inaccurate and I am going to be sharing these myths with you in this article.

1. Wash your face more often

We do tend to do this, we wash our faces and slap on some cleanser and moisturizer thinking that is what is required. It is not. If you cleanse too often it will disturb the skin's pH and affect your skin’s immune system. This results in aging and other related skin problems. One should only cleanse once a day (in the evening)

2. If your skin does not feel tight after cleansing you are using the incorrect product

I am pretty sure you all agree that this is a myth. If you are experiencing that it means that your skin has been stripped of all the natural oils and is dry and dehydrated. Tight skin can also be caused by hot water, an incorrect product, and/or over-cleansing. If you are experiencing tightness of skin after your cleansing session you should definitely look into using another product.

3. All cleanser are the same and has the same function

While this is true in a sense; they do have the same function, however, all cleansers are most definitely not the same and you should consider a few things before purchasing your own cleanser. When choosing your cleanser it should be based on your skin type and also your skin concerns. You should consider whether your skin is oily, dry or if you just have a normal skin type. Once you have established this, you can then move forward with further research to buy the correct cleanser for you.

4. Wash your face with Hot water

Most women do this. When you are showering or having a bath it is easiest to just wash the face with the lovely hot water that is already available. It feels really soothing and comfortable and also clean. However, this could be quite damaging for your skin as it can strip it from its natural oils that keep the protective barrier intact and will leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

Well there you have it…. 4 myths about skincare debunked. Hope you found this article to be resourceful and helpful.

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